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Once again EDF Energy is promoting Frostival. Right next to London Eye you can see magnificent ice carving demonstrations. Take a look at the ice transforming into beautiful sculptures. The exhibition runs over the weekend between 12.00pm and 3.00pm.

If you prefer a relaxing day, Frostival is perfect choice for you, as well. This year the EDF Energy London Eye enhances your frosty Guided Experience. Take a tour in the EDF London Eye and enjoy a different experience in a frosty capsule with the winter twist as you experience the sounds of crackling ice and winds. You also can leave your children in the ice rink and let them skate to their heart’s content.

Ten minutes from Frostival there are several hotels in Paddington, such as Westpoint Hotel and Abbeycourt Hotel are 3 star hotels that give you the best comfort. Paddington Station its only one minute walking. Meet Westminster enjoy London Eye and have fun at Frostival.