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The ZSL London Zoo’s Sumatra tigers have been at the Zoo since March 2013. They are two of only a few hundred left alive in the world. Along  with other Sumatran tigers in other European zoos they inspiring people to help to save the planet.

At London Zoo’s every adult and children can embark on a journey through an Indonesian habitat, designed by ZSL’s team of tiger keepers, conservationists and experts.

If you are coming to London to see the big cats, it will be easy to find budget hotels in central London. In Paddington, only 30 minutes by bus to London Zoo, you can find Westpoint Hotel. From here, you can take all your family to see the territory of Sumatran tigers, Melati and Jae Jae, hanging out in their custom- built pool.

Westpoint Hotel (www.westpointhotel.com)  also gives you easy access to see the famous river Thames, where you can see London Eye, Big ben, Tower Bridge, or if you prefer buy a boat ticket and travel to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory.