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Emirates Air Line it is running in the skies of London since 2012. Also known as the Thames cable car, this service offers a travelling that every tourist would enjoy doing it, especially in the summer. One year after, the average ridership is of 31,600 passenger journeys a week. This travel runs between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks. One kilometre crosses the Thames and will take you to O2 Arena or even Excel London.

This is one of hundreds attractions that the big city of London has. Before you go through the air, take a walk on various parks of London, and enjoy all the green of the city. Find a reputable and low cost hotel near to one of the greatest parks of London. Very close from Hyde Park, 5 minutes walking, you will find some Hyde Park hotels in London. Westpoint hotel is one of budget hotels in central London.

If you want to go to O2 Arena, and enjoy the day in their shopping’s centres or see the concert of your life, stay in Hyde Park hotels. There is comfort, easy access to O2 Arena, or any part of the city. Westpoint Hotel has a elegant and attractive decoration, and the location is perfect as it is near from coffee shops, and Paddington Station.