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London has the particularity to eat food from around the world, variety of tastes. Of course,  you can have a typical British breakfast, Fish and Chips or even tea with sandwiches and cakes in the end of the afternoon, but why not consider other tastes from all around the globe. Flavours from America, France, India, Mexico, Japan, China, Brazil, Portugal, Italia. Different cultures, different styles, and different tastes. In fact a big world in just one “kitchen”. Visit London and discover how the city can be so tasty. Try some, do it yourself, and share what is your favourite flavour.

The choices are immense, and some areas of the city are known for a particular world cuisine. After enjoying a surprisingly delicious dinner, experience the best British chocolate. William Curley, is an award Winning British Chocolatier, and renowned for producing the most exquisite handmade chocolates in Britain. Visit their store in central London. If you need help to get a fantastic hotel, close from their store, go look and you will find several hotels in Hyde Park. Five minutes walking, in Paddington, you will find Westpoint Hotel (www.westpointhotel.com). A great place to be, a fantastic and charming hotel, where all in the front desk enjoy helping their guests.

Very close from Westpoint hotel you will find dinning cruise experiences. Go on board and enjoy the Capital at night as the amazing views. Or if you prefer, get on board earlier and appreciate an afternoon tea. From the hotels in Hyde Park,  it is only 10 minutes by tube to find a reputable dinning cruise. Westpoint Hotel as the potential to be extremely close from Paddington Station, so just get in Bakerloo Line, and you will get there fast.

Tastes are not over, Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham opened a new restaurant in Borough, and this September more than 20 restaurants are planned to open. Want to book a great one?